vital honey price in Pakistan

Vital Honey Price in Pakistan – Importance Best for Men Erection?

Vital Honey Price in Pakistan – Importance Best for Men Erection?

Vital Honey Price in Pakistan is a natural remedy for enhancing male performance based on Malaysian royal honey, in combination with the famous Tongkat root

But the maximum effect is achieved thanks to a special recipe and honey preparation technology.

Vital Honey Price in Pakistan was inherited from the family recipe of the Malaysian Royal nobility.

About Vital Honey Price in Pakistan – Benefits – Ingredients


Vital Honey Price in Pakistan is made from natural ingredients – natural honey from Malaysia, Tongkat Ali root, and cinnamon and sturgeon caviar.

VITAL HONEY – Original Vital Honey product to increase men’s sex health


Vital Honey Price in Pakistan allows you to extend the duration of sexual intercourse by 2 – 3 times, which guarantees you and your partner 100% satisfaction!

VITAL HONEY – Original Vital Honey product to increase men’s sex health


Due to unique composition of natural ingredients Vital Honey Price in Pakistan increases male potency up to 4 times!


Vital Honey Price in Pakistan is really enlarging your penis up to 2 cm! * Enlarge the penis by more than 2 cm is not possible with the help of drugs!

VITAL HONEY – Original Vital Honey product to increase men’s sex health


Thanks to the beneficial properties of Tongkat Ali root, cinnamon and Malaysian honey, Vital Honey Price in Pakistan heals prostitutes and helps to improve your sexual performance!

VITAL HONEY – Original Vital Honey product to increase men’s sex health

Natural Malaysian Vital Honey Price in Pakistan since ancient times is considered as one of the best aphrodisiacs, which awakens the desire and greatly increases sexual desire. It has a pleasant taste and is easily digested by the body. Its microelements are enriched with vitamins that are necessary to maintain good men’s health.

The legendary root Tongkat Ali found in Malaysia and Thailand is used to enhance the sensitivity of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse. It stimulates the natural production of testosterone and serotonin in the body.

Residents of the East are always added Cinnamon to the dishes right before intimacy in order to achieve maximum erection. Cinnamon is abundant in calcium and iron, which are responsible for the normal functioning of many organs, including the urogenital system.

Sturgeon caviar improves blood circulation, increases potency and sexual arousal. It possesses high taste qualities; in abundance it contains vitamins important for health, such as: A, D, C, Group B, easily digestible protein, etc.

VIP Vital Honey Price in Pakistan with Caviar & Tongkat for Sexual Wellness 100% Original (Royal Honey)

Increases sexual desire.

Strengthens the erection without feeling tired.

Boosts self confidence due to a stable sexual performance.

Increases testosterone levels.

Decreases prostate issues and illnesses in the man’s productive system.

Gives a feeling of activeness, mind clarity, and refreshes the memory.

Supports body cells with amino acids and minerals, important for the metabolism.

Organizes cell metabolism because of the omega 3.

Prevents premature ejaculation and maintains a healthy sexual performance.

Elongates the period of action and improves orgasm.

Increases sexual desire.

Gives self-confidence and desire to be sexually active.

Maintains a steady base of sexual performance.

Improves blood circulation.

Components and preparation method of Vital Honey Price in Pakistan

Since Caviar is sensitive and perishable, a group of Japanese scientists, specialized in vital nutrition has came up with a creative way to restore and maintain it, by drying the eggs of Sturgeon “Caviar” by drying it , which is somewhat a complicated process and done by exposure to a temperature produced by a certain light wave, in special occasions, for many days, and after cooling it with dry air, it is grinded in special machinery with glass fibres, designed for this purpose, to maintain the nutritional and therapeutic features of Caviar to support men’s sexual abilities.

Does vital also add the well-calculated extract of the famous Malaysian herb called Eurycoma longifolia, which is famous for improving sexual performance. They also added cinnamon extract, which is filled with minerals and oils that revives the senses and support cells with important energy for metabolism.

Caviar is one of the richest natural sources of omega-3 and phosphorus, and a vast array of minerals, proteins and amino acids needed for metabolism and cell metabolism. These qualities caused it to earn the satisfaction of a large group of people who became interested in the vitality and health of their bodies, both sexually and physically. Japanese people, known as “the fertile people” were ranked at the top, in terms of their interest in this vital fortune, They also value the importance of being sexually healthy, so they use all-natural sources to achieve that, one of these sources is sturgeon, but since it is very expensive, seasonal, or canned “which is the unpleasant kind for Caviar lovers”. So it was a competition between scientific research centres to create ways to help preserve it without losing its therapeutic features and utilize it to help a large sum of people interested in it, The Japanese Vital Center succeeded in creating a healthy scientific way to turn Caviar from a perishable substance, into an effective one, that lasts for years, while maintaining all of its features. At our Malaysian company ” Does vital”, we added Caviar in its new form, to our honey product, to give the best results in terms of improving men’s sexual abilities.

Benefits of Vital Honey Price in Pakistan:

 For a distinguished sexual activity.

 No impotence, No infertility

Treats improper little ejecta and short sexual intercourse.

An instant energy source.

Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes.

Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism.

Supports the immune system.

For better body muscular build up.

Improves blood circulation.

Enforces memory and brain functions

Ingredients of Vital Honey Price in Pakistan:

Mountain Honey 96%

Caviar Powder 1.5%

Tongkat Ali Root 1.5%

Cinnamon Powder 1%

How to use it

You have one pack two hours before sexually performing.




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